Mission Statement

Adams Traditional Beginnings follows a typical yearlong preschool program with highly trained teachers who use breakthrough techniques to teach phonics, early reading and writing skills, and early math concepts to children aged 3-5.

Research confirms that learning starts at birth, and children who start academic programs before kindergarten have consistently better outcomes later in life.

It sounds rigorous (and it is) but we also make it fun!  

We integrate play with science, arts and crafts, music and movement to lay the foundations for critical thinking, citizenship, responsibility, friendship, and respect

Spalding Pre-Reading and Writing Skills
Physical Education/Health & Well Being

Gross and Fine Motor Development
Social and Emotional Development
Fun Approaches to Learning
Mathematics and Cognitive Development
Language and Literacy

What an honor it was to be asked by Spalding to host a tour of our preschool to this amazing group of administrators from Omaha.  As they prepare to open a preschool program incorporating the Spalding Method, we were able to show them what successes we have had with our students!  Nicole and friends, you are welcome anytime, and THANK YOU, SPALDING for sharing our successes across the country!

​To Debi and the Early Childhood Team at Adams
I wanted to just say THANK YOU again for opening up your school and classroom doors to our Omaha team to come and observe. We saw some amazing happenings at Adams preschool. 
I’m truly amazed by the great interactions and responsiveness you all have for your young learners. I’m so impressed by their knowledge of Spalding; you all are doing amazing work. Keep up the great work.
You are the true super heroes!!!
Best Regards,
Nicole Looper | Director of Nelson Mandela ECDC


Children are our future. Their education in the classroom must recognize this and support and enhance the growth of the whole child by developing the foundation of each child’s mind, body and social/emotional competence. By implementing curriculum that is designed to extend a child’s understanding and acclimation to the world around them, the classroom offers children the chance to obtain this understanding and adjustment.

All children are individually unique in their own right. While a child is learning who they are and what special talents and abilities they possess, it is also important that the classroom promotes consideration of other, respect for all people, and the world we live in. Children at Adams Traditional Beginnings will be challenged to achieve the highest standards in their studies, in their play and in their character.

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